Was Jack the Ripper really Carl the Ripper, a German sailor?

An English detective has put forward a new theory regarding the identity of Jack the Ripper. Trevor Marriott, a former police officer, proposes that Jack the Ripper was really a German sailor named Carl Feigenbaum.

Jack the Ripper killed and mutilated five prostitutes in London’s Whitechapel between August and November 1888. He then completely vanished. Meanwhile, Carl Feigenbaum was a sailor from Karlsruhe, who eventually moved to New York, where he was executed in 1894 for the murder of Juliana Hoffman.

Marriott broke with the traditional view that the killer must have been a local man. Examining records of the docks near Whitechapel, he noted that one particular boat – the Reiher – was docked when all but one of the murders took place. At the time of the other murder, another boat from the same company was docked. Feigenbaum, who was certainly responsible for the Ripper-like murder of Hoffman in New York, worked for the company that owned the Reiher.

It’s probably impossible to prove who really did commit the Jack the Ripper murders. Various names, from William Withey Gull and Prince Albert, to the artist Walter Sickert. Marriott’s theory concerning Carl Feigenbaum is certainly no more outlandish than any of those suggestions, and adds an intriguing new layer to the speculation about Jack the Ripper’s identity and motives.

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