Who is Shawna Gorman, aka Shawn Gorman, aka PrimosEra?

Twitter has its very own spy story. It all started, according to Wired, with a now-deactivated account named PrimosEra, apparently owned by a photogenic blonde missile specialist named Shawna Gorman, or Shawna Felcher, or Shawn Elizabeth Gorman, or… You get the idea. This is someone who occasionally changes her name a bit. Ergo, spy, right?

Maybe. Maybe not. This really could be a hot flash in a pan, a case of people flirting online and letting things get out of control. But one man who says PrimosEra DM’s him and asked quite specific questions has now sparked a torrent of questions. Another user has come out and publicly accused PrimosEra of being a honey pot, i.e. someone who uses sexual allure to try to get men to reveal their secrets.

Let’s be clear: Gorman aka PrimosEra might be none of these things. This might be a case – gasp! – of people running way ahead of themselves on Twitter. In fact, it’s almost certainly that. Are spies really so under-worked that they spend hours idling on Twitter, in case they can find out some secrets that way? Are governments around the world really paying people to set up fake Twitter accounts? The answer may well be yes. But are they doing it in a cack-handed and obvious way? Again, the answer may well be yes. Have Twitter users stumbled upon one such account? Maybe not.

Or maybe, this is just someone having fun, someone who perhaps phrases things oddly, someone who hit the alarm bells in the minds of people who perhaps aren’t the best judges. Time will tell. Or not.


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One thought on “Who is Shawna Gorman, aka Shawn Gorman, aka PrimosEra?

  1. I know Shawna, aka shawn very well…

    Posted by p coker | May 27, 2011, 3:36 pm

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