Fox News

Don’t panic! Liv Tyler’s breasts are back after 15 years

In their never-ending quest to turn boobies into news, Fox have a new article about Liv Tyler’s decision to go topless in a film for the first time in 15 years.

The film in question is The Ledge, a psychological thriller about the wife of a fundamentalist Christian who ends up falling for an atheist. So, breasts and religion! But as Fox reminds us, this is the first time Liv Tyler has gone naked in a film since 1996’s Stealing Beauty. She was 18 then and she’s 33 now, and as regular Fox viewers know, breasts can change awfully fast. So it’s really like a whole new pair coming out!

Once again, Fox balks at actually showing breasts on its pages, but helpfully directs viewers to another site that has stills from both appearances. Feast your eyes, and hopefully Fox will be back soon with more news about, though not pictures of, breasts.


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