Bradley Manning, Wikileaks

Was Bradley Manning unfit for Iraq duty?

The Guardian claims that Bradley Manning, the British-American soldier accused of handing over classified documents to Wikileaks, was mentally unfit to be sent to Iraq. One unnamed specialist is reported to have said that the decision to send Manning to Iraq was madness, and that after his outbursts during psych sessions he should never have been ‘recycled’ in this way.

Bradley Manning was arrested almost exactly a year ago, accused of passing classified information to Julian Assange and Wikileaks. That information was released six months ago as the so-called ‘Wikileaks cables’. Since his arrest, Manning has reportedly been held mostly in solitary confinement and there have been repeated claims of mistreatment and even emotional torture.

Other sources apparently claim that there was little security at army facilities, with passwords written on sticky notes next to computers. Presumably security has been tightened since the Manning incident, but it still seems alarming that highly sensitive information would be so freely available. In particular, there are claims that access to SIPRNet, the US military and diplomatic network, was fairly easy by simply using any laptop left around bases that had a password stuck to it.


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