Hacking, LulzSec

Who is Xavier Kaotico / Xavier de Leon, and is he the Sabu behind LulzSec?

Notorious hacker The Jester claims he has uncovered the true identity of the person behind the LulzSec group. But the given names, Xavier Kaotico and Xavier de Leon, both sound a little too good to be true. So has The Jester merely turned up some useless online pseudonyms, or is the LulzSec fun about to come to a sudden end?

According to The Jester, Xavier Kaotico / de Leon is allegedly a computer programmer from New York. But given the confidence with which LulzSec seems to have been taunting the law enforcement agencies, one has to wonder whether The Jester has really managed to just waltz in and uncover the mystery so easily.

What seems clear is that LulzSec is a tight-knit group who have extremely good programming skills. The leader ‘Sabu’ seems to command the group pretty effectively. While it’s possible that they could make a mistake or get outwitted, the biggest threat to their security is probably from infiltrators or traitors. One member has reportedly already turned informant on them. And at the moment that, rather than any hacking by The Jester, still looks like the most likely way in which LulzSec will eventually get taken down.


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