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Can you cook an egg with your vagina?

Serious question. Someone has claimed online that they got an egg stuck up their vagina while, er, well you know, and it didn’t come down for a few days and, when it did, it was hard-boiled. Possible?

Given that the egg was inside the woman for “a few days”, it’s certainly possible. Although it wouldn’t technically be ‘boiled’, if you want to be pedantic, it would be heated. But after a few days of at least 37 degrees Celsius inside a vagina, the egg would probably be nicely cooked.

But the end of the story, in which the woman puts the egg in her fridge and her father then eats it, rather suggests that this is bullsh*t. The egg cooking in the vagina I can accept. But why would you then keep the egg? The gilding of this lily gave away that it was a fake lily, perhaps.


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