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Herman Cain suffers staff losses in Iowa and New Hampshire

Are the wheels starting to come off Herman Cain’s bid for the presidency? Just days after losing staff in New Hampshire, Cain now has to deal with the resignation of Iowa boss Tina Goff as well as Goff’s colleague Kevin Hall.

The loss of a few senior campaign staff doesn’t necessarily mean that Cain is out of the race. But it’s a bad sign and suggests that all is not well in the Cain camp. A spokesman for the candidate says the departing staff will be replaced. Perhaps Cain is merely realigning his focus. Nevertheless, his early momentum seems to be running out.

Cain faces some tough challenges. The entry of Michele Bachmann into the contest has robbed him of some key supporters, and the probably arrival of Rick Perry could be a fatal blow. Cain has also been rather unconvincing in recent media interviews, making a number of mistakes on some pretty basic policy issues. He needed to assert his political credentials and he hasn’t done that at all.

Is it too early to write Cain off? No. But very few people expect him to win the Republican nomination. He is generally seen as being behind Bachmann, Perry and Mitt Romney, the trio who are expected to duke it out for the victory. And if he’s not careful, Cain could sink past Tim Pawlenty and Rick Santorum and end up in an area of political doldrums known as the Gingrich Zone.


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