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Who sang Blue Valentine hit You and Me? Nannie Sharpe revealed as mystery Penny and the Quarters singer

The recent Michelle Williams / Ryan Gosling film Blue Valentine might not have a lot to recommend it, but at least it has a pretty good soundtrack. And one song in particular, You and Me, has become something of a surprise hit.

But until this week, no-one knew who sang the version used in the film. Now that mystery has been solved, and it has been revealed that the track features Nannie Sharpe on a recording that was made more than 40 years ago.

It turns out that Nannie Sharpe and her brothers recorded the song when Nannie was in her 20’s, and they did it in a one-take rehearsal at Clem Price’s Harmonic Sounds Studio in Ohio. Sharpe claims she didn’t even realise that it was being recorded. But the recording ended up on a cassette tape, which ended up in a yard sale, which led it into the hands of reissue company Numero Group, which passed it along to the film’s producers.

Sharpe and her brothers were nicknamed Penny and the Quarters and that, until recently, was as much as anyone really knew. Suddenly, Nannie Sharpe is pretty popular thanks to the Blue Valentine soundtrack, and in interviews she seems genuinely pleased that the recording has finally found an audience.



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