Fox News, Norway

Bill O’Reilly angry that Christian Anders Behring Breivik is being described as a Christian

Bill O’Reilly gave a masterclass in denial on his Fox News show this week, criticising the ‘mainstream’ (i.e. non-Fox) media for suggesting that Norwegian terror suspect Anders Behring Breivik is a Christian.

O’Reilly can bluster all he likes, but he can’t change the fact that Breivik identified himself as a Christian both on his Facebook page and in his huge manifesto. In fact, he identified himself as a Christian repeatedly. O’Reilly says that a real Christian couldn’t possibly have done what Breivik did. That’s an interesting approach, saying that the truth can’t be true.

Breivik’s Christianity clearly isn’t at the core of his actions. But it’s a part of the story and many people are rather enjoying the fact that the US right wing can’t do its usual ‘blame the Muslims’ trick. O’Reilly went on to criticise the media for the way it is pushing the Christian angle of the story. Fox in a nutshell, basically.


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