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Mixed-race Erica Herrera to marry alleged white supremacist Curtis Allgier

A mixed-race woman of Hawaiian and Hispanic descent is to marry a man who is currently suspected of murder, who has alleged white supremacist links, and who could be sentenced to death if convicted.

Curtis Allgier is accused of shooting dead a prison guard, Stephen Anderson, who was escorting him to a doctor’s appointment back in 2007. He is expected to plead not guilty, and his wife-to-be Erica Herrera says that she is convinced he is innocent. She has reportedly said that she would divorce him or have the marriage annulled if he turned out to be guilty.

Allgier has many tattoos. His face includes the phrase ‘skin head’ and at least one swastika. Despite this, his supporters insist that he is not a white supremacist and that his views have been misrepresented. The wedding will go ahead in Utah, although the couple are reportedly seeking permission to go to another state where conjugal visits are allowed.

A number of media sources are reporting that Curtis Allgier and Erica Herrera are getting married on Hitler’s birthday. That’s not true. They’re scheduled to tie the knot in early August, whereas Hitler was born on April 20th. In fact, the white supremacist angle to the story seems to be a little strained.


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