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Enfield riots spread to Ponders End, reports of possible Oxford Circus trouble

Tonight’s Enfield riots have spread to Ponders End, and there are unconfirmed reports that Oxford Circus in central London could be next.

Multiple sources say that a handful of police vans have been stationed at Oxford Circus, and that the police presence in the centre of London has been visibly building over the past hour or so. Given that police reportedly got advance warning of the Enfield disturbances thanks to social media, it’s entirely possible that they have also picked up on Twitter rumours of trouble spreading to the Oxford Circus area.

Cynical voices on Twitter have suggested that the police response to threats against businesses in the Oxford Circus area would be much stronger than the response to threats against businesses in the north of the city.

If the riots do spread to Oxford Circus, it would mean that the riots are moving to a whole new level. Around the world, images of some of London’s landmarks being attacked would make this a much more telegenic disturbance.

Meanwhile, shops targeted in Enfield tonight reportedly include outlets of TGI Friday, Krispy Kremes, Nandos and Tesco. However, the rumours of a Krispy Kremes ‘burning to the ground’ might not be true.

But in the middle of all this, few people are talking about Mark Duggan, the man whose shooting by police sparked the violence. It seems that the riots of generated a life of their own. In which case, we should ask why so many people seem to enjoy trashing our cities? You can’t dismiss all of this as the work of a few vandals. Something seems to be quite wrong with Britain at the moment.


About Sarah Bosdiccia

Sarah Bosdiccia is a writer, journalist, blogger and editorial assistant. In the past, she has worked in the local newspaper business and has taught journalism modules at undergraduate level. She doesn't 'do' Facebook but you can follow her at @sarah_bosdiccia.


10 thoughts on “Enfield riots spread to Ponders End, reports of possible Oxford Circus trouble

  1. Its not the whole of Britain though is it, its 200 or so kids who are looking for kicks. Britain is a much safer place than I remember when I was a child during the 70’s, punks, skinheads and football hooliganism could be alot more threatening than this lot. Then go back a bit further Mods, Rockers, there’s always been some group of idiots somewhere that want to row. Its nothing to do with ‘social deprivation’ they’re just a few people who love the adrenalin kick of mob rule, they’ll always be with us, its part of human make-up. Its all insured and it will all be forgotten about this time next week.

    Posted by cameronrb | August 7, 2011, 10:59 pm
  2. Well, I live in Ponders End and looking out of my window I see no riotous assemblies. I can hear police sirens and helicopters aplenty (fairly much the norm), but no sight yet of marauding hordes. Ms Bosdiccia, whatever you think this is that you are doing, it isn’t journalism, no really it isn’t.

    Posted by Christian Pomfritt | August 8, 2011, 12:56 am
    • It is war mongering. It,s a way of getting people to follow a cause that does not really exist. Is it journalism? When unrest is caused people will fight, the excuse may be colour, religion what the heck ever. Pretty certain they will always find a cause to war monger for. It’s good to hear the real news from you. Thank youX

      Posted by marieanne Lindsey | August 8, 2011, 7:56 am
  3. Can’t agree. You make some valid points about there having always been some level of mobbism. But this, now, is not the UK I was raised in. It’s time to name the problem: a hard core of young people with no values and an aggressive bent. When are we going to face up to this as a country, and as individuals, that too many young people are at best only partly civilised? It’s easy to keep writing it off as though it weren’t happened, or has always been as bad. I’ve never seen collective youth behaviour like this, and on this scale. It’s a shocking attitude these youngsters have, but (it would seem) we either aren’t really shocked any more, or are being told it’s ‘normal’. We’ve lost our nerve with young people, and our vision. This celebrity-driven, money-oriented, media-mad ‘culture’ is all about cultural products and values that have very little to do with nurturing a mild and insightful spirit. That said, there are still plenty of decent teenagers around – the majority, in fact; but our streets and schools are increasingly overrun by thugs who’ve lacked proper parenting and/or who’ve chosen a bad road and never been pulled up for doing so. When I was growing up, I was often an awkward and destructive so-and-so in some respects; but the whole of society (parents, teachers, politicians, media) seemed largely established to thwart any antisocial behaviour I’d drift into. Maybe things are just too different now, but I’m still convinced young people don’t need cruelty or punishment, but clear and loving discipline FROM THE START. We have to begin some radical changes – in ourselves and in society – to ensure that people grow up with respect for others and for themselves. This ‘cool’ culture is a mess. It’s feral, disgusting, and a very bad omen for the future. What will these teenagers be doing in 10 or 20 years, or when they’re parents themselves? We’d all better wake up, and quick. Or else the thugs and brats will dictate social (dis)order and determine the prevailing values. But the young only become brats and thugs if an adult society allows it. In particular, we have to look VERY HARD at parenting, schools and the legal system for young offenders. ZERO tolerance for knives and guns, and the resources to make it happen. But most of all, a culture that’s a real culture, not a fake and plastic one oriented on money over human values. This all has very little to do with Duggan. And I’m afraid your comment ’twas ever thus’ doesn’t help. Up to the age of 18, I only knew of one person in our community who’d been stabbed. In Enfield in the last year alone, Ived heard of several cases. That’s not just to do with reporting – it’s increased. Burying heads in sand is not wise just now.

    Posted by Mario | August 8, 2011, 1:57 am
  4. somethiings quite wrong with britain at the moment? yes we’re sick and tired of two faced greedy lying public schoolboy polititians,we’re sick of lying corrupt murdering MOD and their MOD in the courts,we’re sick of being told we’ve got to pay for the filthy greedy zionist bankers who have bled us all dry while awarding themselves obscene bonuses,yes there IS indeed something very wrong in Britain at the moment and the backlash has just begun.

    Posted by marcus | August 8, 2011, 2:10 am
    • go for it my friend .. you have a corrupt govt.. its worst that dictators in other countries now.. UK is shit.. no job nothng… MAKE A REVOLUTION OF YOUR OWN

      Posted by TAYSEE | August 8, 2011, 6:23 am
  5. this is the power of social media. In the old days you just couldn’t mobilise. Now these gangs can get large numbers anywhere through BBM. It’s a whole new ball game. These people – mostly hoodies – are really screwed up individuals with pretty much no hope.

    Posted by td | August 8, 2011, 5:04 am
  6. oh no what the

    Posted by salak | August 8, 2011, 9:28 am
  7. Half the countries children have been stolen by the Lying wicked MOD: im not surprised people are upset.

    Posted by John | August 8, 2011, 10:18 am

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