London riots

London riots update: Clapham Junction gangs unite for looting rampge #londonriots

Clapham Junction is the latest part of London to see widespread rioting and looting, and reports suggest that three local gangs – normally enemies – have called a truce for the night in order to team up and cause some real mayhem.

If the claims about the gangs are correct, they show that these riots have moved far beyond the Mark Duggan incident. It’s clear that this is civil disobedience that was just bubbling under the surface, waiting to erupt.

The scenes in Clapham Junction are said to be pretty typical of the scene across London. Police are pretty much absent, their resources massively overstretched. Shop windows are being smashed in and people are making off with whatever they can get their hands on. This might be the worst night of riots yet.


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9 thoughts on “London riots update: Clapham Junction gangs unite for looting rampge #londonriots

  1. Wish it was a bad dream…Stop being Lenient…

    I am watching on the TV in Malawi,the current riots,looting and total disrespect of law & order in the UK.
    Innocent people are being terrorised by thugs & unfit people in the society.

    The problem is with very lenient laws of the UK towards people who cause so much misery & harm to other people and the state and yet get away with it.

    The perpetrators of this evil must be brought to justice and the state must set an example out of them,so that in future such things don’t happen again.

    Posted by wahid | August 8, 2011, 11:09 pm
    • To Wahid:
      (1) You say the PROBLEM is the UK’s lenient laws; it is also, from another perspective, the JOY of living in the UK – at least arguably the freest society, in a very wide variety of ways, that the world has ever known: a freedom everyone benefits from, including of course those who use it for ends you or I may not approve of;
      (2) What evidence have you that exemplary harshness – what I gather you are suggesting – produces results?

      Posted by wynne | August 9, 2011, 4:00 am
  2. I live in clapham, this is going to get alot worse before it gets better. This is broken Britain, bad parenting, single mums, full prisons, benefit culture, social and cultural divisions and lack of integration, failed immigration policies, scared police force, fake politicians.

    We need national service, the youth would learn respect, discipline, pride in their country, and would be putting something back into the economy

    Posted by James Darrall | August 8, 2011, 11:16 pm
    • James, I lived in Clapham for 26 years and decided to leave, not just Clapham, but the country for the very reasons you state. No respect, a lack of family or personal discipline, a culture of “me, me and even more me.” And it will get worse so, with a bit of crystal ball gazing, I decided that the future was not worth staying around to endure.
      I closed my business, sold my home and “retired” to Sri Lanka where I’m working harder than ever, BUT contributing to a society that does care, where discipline does exist and where family life is regulated. No feral youth here.

      Posted by Ian Ramsden | August 9, 2011, 5:04 pm
  3. I totally agree with the above comments as to why this disgraceful behaviour has come about but it is down to politicians and the law makers to come down HARD on this type of ‘thuggery’ and set an example to anyone watching that such behaviour will not be tolerated in this country.

    We need the police, the army if necessary, out in force to fight against this lawlessness yet instead this evening in Clapham Junction, we had a completely unpoliced situation unfold for hours where criminals were allowed to run wild and ransack local shops and businesses without any police intervention whatsoever.

    …I wonder what Cameron is making of all of this while he suns his posh privately educated ass in Tuscany!?

    Posted by Alex | August 9, 2011, 1:06 am
  4. I couldnt agree more James. What we need is real communities where people look out for each other and respect each other. Nobody is teaching kids to do this . They are being reared as if everyone is the enemy. People are afriad to talk to their neighbours tin case neighbours think that they want something: all they want is to develop bonds to create a good community. The churches have failed- people have to do it themselves.

    Posted by honoria | August 9, 2011, 3:01 am
  5. Nobody is teaching the kids to do this – true, but then nobody is teaching them any better either. These kids have grown up in a culture of selfishness and greed where fat cat bankers rob us all blind and get away with it (even get rewarded with tax payers money for it).
    Inner city schools are full of children who are abandoned. Abused or neglected by their parents, they are neglected by “the system” too and nobody takes any notice until they do what they are doing now. Then everybody says “beat them, hang them, flog them, lock them up, punish them”.
    What needs to be done is to take notice of them earlier. Look at schools and nurseries, look at what is happening to social services, educational psychology services, education in general. See how these kids are being failed, as their parents were failed.
    Society (all of us) need to take collective responsibility for young children whose parents are not fit to care for them properly. We need to help support inadequate parents, deal with bad parents, and nurture the children who are growing up hopeless and angry.
    Maybe if we took notice of them before they hit the streets rioting we might be able to prevent rioting like this in the future.
    Instead of asking tosspot Cameron to come back from Tuscany and stamp down on these rioters, ask him to stop cutting vital support services. Ask him to improve these services instead and raise a generation of people who are aware of their own value to society and who contribute accordingly.
    Rant over, you may go back to your hang ’em flog ’em discourse and ignore the root causes of the problems again now.

    Posted by Sad | August 9, 2011, 9:36 am
  6. the riots,simple solution give the police ultimate power, water cannon,tear gas,plastic bullet, if any scum bags get hurt, make it illegal for them to take any police officer to court,they are rioters treat them to what they need, Give then no quarter with no rights, all this is happening as the government of uk has allowed these gettos to build up, places where police arnt safe, rat holes in our country, there is no doubt that a clain is already being lodged against police for the death of the good gunman, who would never shot at police,,,,,,whilst it is sad that he was shot dead, anyone who carries an illegal firearm knows the law and what can happen, anyone who carries an illegal firearm is a dangerous person, criminal,thug,and has no place on our streets,ALL HARD WORKING TAX PAYERS BE PREPARED TO FORK THE BILL FOR THESE RIOTS AND SOME OF THE CLAIMS FOR POLICE BRUTALITY THAT SOME SCUMBAGS WILL PUT FORWARD, you know the one, I was walking my pit bull and suddenly the police grabbed me, i did not know there was a riot as i had my walkman on full volume,,,,,,,fully arm the police give them the right to protect themselfs and the public from griminal gunmen who run our streets …………

    Posted by Ronnie Winder | August 10, 2011, 6:37 am
  7. Me too, 5 years ago I jumped the sinking ship because of same reasons, sold my flat etc, now live in Beijing, people thought I was talking nonsense when I gave them the reasons. They probably understand what I was talking about now ! China and Asia are wonderful !

    Posted by Carlo | August 11, 2011, 1:02 am

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