Libya: rebels vow to change name of Green Square to Martyrs Square, no sign of Gaddafi, intelligence chief Abdullah Senussi flees

Libya‘s rebels effectively control Tripoli this morning, and have occupied the central Green Square. They say that they will rename it Martyrs Square, which is what it was called before Gaddafi came to power.

In other developments, Gaddafi’s intelligence chief Abdullah Senussi is reported to have fled south. It has been confirmed that Gaddafi’s son Saif al-Islam has been captured, and there are strong rumours that his eldest son Muhammed has also been caught. Gaddafi’s personal security team are believed to have surrendered.

Of Gaddafi himself, there is so far no sign. Rumours claim he has fled Tripoli, but other rumours claim he is still there. The rebels have guaranteed his safety if he agrees to leave Libya, but government spokesman Moussa Ibrahim has proposed a ceasefire. Gaddafi issued a call for Libyan tribes to head to Tripoli to defend the capital, but this has been interpreted as a rather desperate final stand by the leader.


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