South Africa

South Africa police investigate Eugene Terrorblanche Facebook photo

Police in South Africa are investigating an alarming Facebook photo showing a smiling white guy holding a rifle, standing over the body of a young black child. The photo appears on the profile of a man calling himself ‘Eugene Terrorblanche’, an apparent reference to the murdered Eugene Terreblanche.

The man in the photo has reportedly been contacted by police and has claimed that the photo is a few years old and was staged. Nevertheless, police are reportedly attempting to confirm that the child in the photo is indeed still alive. Even if the photo is staged, it could still violate South African law.

The case has caused great debate in South Africa, and the photo – although taken down from the original account – has spread rapidly online. There are unconfirmed reports that the photo has been ‘doctored’, although some critics argue that this wouldn’t change the intent of the image.


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