What does Martes 13 mean? It’s Spanish for Tuesday the 13th, supposedly an extremely unlucky day

The past hour or so has seen Martes 13 emerge on Twitter as a trending topic, and it’s interesting to note why this is. The phrase ‘Martes 13’ means Tuesday the 13th, and it’s basically the Spanish-speaking version of Friday the 13th.

In many Spanish-speaking countries, Tuesday the 13th holds the same position as Friday the 13th does in other places, i.e. it’s supposedly an extremely unlucky day. It’s also referred to as ‘Martes trece’.

It’s not entirely clear why Tuesdays are considered unlucky in this way, just as the provenance of Friday the 13th is unclear. Some people say that superstitions about Tuesdays in general come from the fall of Constantinople, which in turn brought about the downfall of the Byzantine Empire.


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