Teen Jamey Rodemeyer, who made It Gets Better video, apparently commits suicide over online gay bullying

14-year-old Jamey Rodemeyer, who made an It Gets Better video about his experiences with his sexuality, has apparently committed suicide. He died earlier this week after apparently facing a fresh round of online bullying.

You can see Jamey Rodemeyer’s video here. Although his family and friends were supportive, and he was getting help from a therapist, it seems he was unable to see past the persistent online taunts that were directed at him.

Dan Savage of the It Gets Better campaign has said that he hopes those who taunted Rodemeyer are held to account for their actions.

In his final online posts, Jamey Rodemeyer reportedly posted sombre lyrics from Hollywood Undead and Lady Gaga songs before posting that he would like to see his dead grandmother.

Jamey Rodemeyer had reportedly been experiencing troubles with bullies for a number of years, although his family say that he seemed to have overcome those problems in recent months.


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