Apple’s iPhone 4S pre-order stock already sold out

Apple’s iPhone 4S pre-order stock has reportedly already sold out, less than a week after the new phone was launched by new CEO Tim Cook. The news comes despite claims by some that the launch was underwhelming.

People who got their orders in early should receive their iPhone 4S devices on the official release day, Friday 14th October. But people who didn’t get in at the start might have to wait a couple of weeks. On Friday, the Apple Store was swamped with users attempting to get their pre-orders in.

Suppliers are already suggesting that the launch of the iPhone 4S is the most successful iPhone launch to date. And there are already people camping out in New York for the big launch. So those who said the lack of an iPhone 5 made the launch of the iPhone 4S not so effective might find that they have to eat their words.


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