UK Ministry of Defence accidentally publishes sensitive radar information

The UK’s Ministry of Defence has been caught out after it apparently published a ‘redacted’ radar report that could be easily ‘un-redacted’ with some simple copying and pasting.

The document was published on a parliamentary website with sensitive information carefully blacked out. But the ‘hidden’ text could be read by simply copying it and pasting it into a word processor.

Although it’s not believed that the information is a threat to national security, the incident is still a reminder that sometimes those in positions of power don’t get technical jobs quite right. You can redact sections of a report. But you have to do it properly. Simply blacking out text doesn’t work.

The document in questions has reportedly been taken down and a replacement, with proper redaction, is being put up in its place. Six months ago, a similar mistake affected a document about nuclear submarine secrets. Oh well. Third time lucky…



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