Experts find possible evidence of ichthyosaur-eating kraken

Did a huge sea beast like a kraken, nearly 30m long, hunt ichthyosaurs in Earth’s prehistoric waters? Experts from Massachusetts think it’s possible, after finding evidence to support the idea.

There is no direct evidence of the beast’s existence, possibly because it was soft-bodied and left no bones. But the discovery of large piles of ichthyosaur bones lend weight to the idea that something very large was hunting them, dragging them back to its underwater lair.

The arrangement of the bones is strongly indicative of octopus-like behaviour, which encourages the view that this beast had tentacles. It’s also established that an octopus might takes its prey back to a lair, which again supports the kraken theory.

Without any firm evidence of the beast, however, there is unlikely to be a consensus any time soon. The only part of the beast that might survive as a fossil would be the beak, and even this is unlikely.


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