Thousands of alleged Occupy Wall Street emails leaked

Thousands of emails, allegedly from an Occupy Wall Street mailing list, have been leaked online. And critics of the Occupy movement are using the emails to advance the theory that members of Anonymous are steering the protests.

The emails were highlighted by Andrew Breitbart at Big Government, and picked over at the same site by Thomas Ryan. While it might be pushing things to describe the emails as ‘the’ email archive of the Occupy Wall Street movement, it’s certainly a large pile of information from a core group of organisers, and it will take a while to go through.

There’s nothing really incendiary in the emails, either. No ‘smoking gun’, no stunning revelation that the movement is basically a bunch of (God forbid!) socialists. In fact, the biggest impact of the email leak might be that it reminds us of how vulnerable digital information is to leaks. Basically, if it’s transmitted online, it’s probably best to assume that it could be uncovered.


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