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Nationwide ATM is first Coronation Street product placement deal

A Nationwide ATM cashpoint is to be installed in Coronation Street‘s famous Corner Shop before the end of the year, marking the first instance of product placement in the 51-year-old soap. A Nationwide sign is also to be erected outside the shop.

The deal comes after Ofcom relaxed rules about product placement back in February 2011. While many people worried about an influx of adverts ruining shows, there has been just a steady trickle so far. The Nationwide deal will see the company’s logos appear in a natural setting, in the sense that most British corner shops do have logos in these places.

In fact, some people argue that allowing commerical logos in shows is a step towards making them programmes more realistic. And the deal, which is initially for four months, could be just the first of many. Some even worry that the soap’s famous fictional Newton and Ridley beer could be replaced by a real-life brand.



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