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Is OpCartel off? Anonymous reportedly backs down as Los Zetas drugs cartel sets out to track them

The much-hyped Anonymous operation against Mexico’s Los Zetas drugs cartel is reportedly on hold after it emerged that the cartel is attempting to track down Mexican members of the hacking collective.

It was reported last week that Anonymous was launching Operation Cartel – or OpCartel – and would be publishing details of Mexicans, including police officers, believed to be working with Los Zetas. But some Anonymous members have now apparently got cold feet.

Los Zetas has made a point in recent months of targeting people who criticise them online. The cartel is said to have sophisticated online intelligence gathering units. The FBI might have failed so far to track down the people who facilitate Anonymous, but could Los Zetas have more luck?

However, stories of Operation Cartel’s demise might be premature. Anonymous is known to have no central command. So while some members have decided that this is one campaign too far, others are believed to be still working on the project. The target date for the release of information is November 5th, and it will be interesting to see whether Anonymous releases anything on that date.

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Sarah Bosdiccia is a writer, journalist, blogger and editorial assistant. In the past, she has worked in the local newspaper business and has taught journalism modules at undergraduate level. She doesn't 'do' Facebook but you can follow her at @sarah_bosdiccia.


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