UK and USA stepping up plans to attack Iran?

Britain’s Ministry of Defence (MOD) is reportedly stepping up planning for a possible US-led missile strike on alleged Iranian nuclear targets. That’s according to The Guardian, which reports that despite reservations within the UK’s coalition government the MOD would give full support to the Americans if such an attack occurred.

The fresh round of planning is believed to be focused on where best to deploy Royal Navy vessels in anticipation of launching Tomahawk missiles against Iranian targets. There is also an acceptance that the US would request permission to use Britain’s Indian Ocean territory Diego Garcia, which has been used by the Americans for Middle East operations in the past.

While it’s believed that US President Barack Obama does not wish to attack Iran before next year’s presidential elections, the situation is fluid and the MOD is aware that things could change quickly. Just last month, the US accused Iran of complicity in an alleged plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in Washington. There was widespread incredulity at the allegations, and little has been heard of them since, but some critics believe that the US is deliberately stepping up the rhetoric against Iran.


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