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Video allegedly shows Texas judge beating disabled daughter

A video has surfaced, recorded in 2004 but not released until now, in which a man is shown beating his disable daughter Hillary with a belt. You can see the video here (for now), though you’ll need to confirm your age and you should be aware that it’s very graphic. The man in the video is allegedly a judge named William Adams.

A commentary attached to the video insists that man’s wife, who also featured in the video, should not be blamed for her actions. There seems to be some confusion over whether or not the man in the video is Adams, although Gawker seems to be convinced and multiple Reddit strands have been discussing the video in great detail. So far there is no word from Adams himself. Some people have argued that the video is a hoax.

The victim in the video was apparently in her teens at the time but is now living in her own apartment. She suffers from ataxic cerebral palsy. She has claimed that she held onto the video until recently having an argument with her father on the phone, at which point she decided to post it.



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