Plagiarism, Russia

Anna Chapman accused of alleged plagiarism over Pushkin newspaper column

Anna Chapman, the supposed Russian spy, has been accused of allegedly plagiarising part of a recent newspaper column.

Writing about the impact of the death of the poet Alexander Pushkin, Chapman allegedly used an almost word for word copy of a passage from Oleg Matveyechev’s 2009 book The Sovereignty of the Soul. The alleged plagiarism was picked up by bloggers.

Chapman was putting forward her view, shared by Matveyechev, that had Pushkin not been killed in a duel in 1837 at the age of 37, he would have gone on to write even greater works. From here, the pair conclude that Russia might not have been ‘flooded’ by liberal and socialist forces that ultimately led to the assassination of the Tsar and the 1917 Bolshevik revolution.

Since returning to Russia, Anna Chapman has been a high-profile figure, working not only as a writer but also a TV presenter. She also appeared in a photo spread for the Russian edition of men’s magazine Maxim. But some people have criticised her for being too close to the Kremlin.



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