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Terri Weissinger stranded in San Francisco airport for 8 days over fees

A Californian woman has reportedly been stranded in San Francisco International Airport for 8 days after she racked up $180 in ‘hidden’ fees that she could not pay. Terri Weissinger eventually left the airport after a local church raised the money to help her.

Terri Weissinger slept in a stairwell while she was at the airport. Having initially discovered that she would have to pay a $30 fee of which she was previously unaware, Weissinger reportedly then missed her plane and thereby incurred a further $150 fee, totalling $180.

Critics argue that airlines are increasingly using ‘hidden’ fees that many customers do not expect when they compare prices online. Weissinger has reportedly been told that she will not get a refund because her original plane ticket was non-refundable.


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