Two dead, many injured as gunmen attack church in Zonkwa, Nigeria

Two people have been killed and up to eleven injured after gunmen stormed a church in Zonkwa, Nigeria and opened fire. The northern Kaduna state has seen persistent violence for much of this year, since disputed elections were held in April.

As with Nigeria as a whole, Kaduna is divided into a mostly Muslim north and a mostly Christian south. The state is seen by many as a microcosm for the continued religious and ethnic difficulties that plague the country. The latest attack is seen by some as revenge by Islamic militants for the forcing of thousands of Muslim Hausas and Fulanis from their homes earlier this year.

The election of Patrick Ibrahim Yokowa as the state’s first Christian governor has arguably caused tensions to rise, as many Muslims refuse to accept his authority. Last month, a camerman named Zakariya Isa from state television was shot dead by suspected Islamic militants, while the Nigerian government is under pressure to crack down further on the militants.

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