45 miners rescued after cave-in at coal mine in Sanmenxia, China

Rescuers have saved 45 miners who were trapped underground following a rock blast at a coal mine in Sanmenxia, China. The men were trapped for almost two days after the rock blast, which is believed to have been triggered by a small earthquake in the region.

Eight miners are confirmed to have died in Thursday’s accident, which saw pressure build on an internal wall to the point where the wall gave way and exploded. Such explosions can send rock flying through the air at high speed, and can also cause roof collapses.

Chinese coal mines remain among the deadliest in the world. However, progress has been made over the past decade, with the number of annual fatalities having dropped by around two thirds to just over a thousand a year. Just a week ago, 29 workers were killed after a gas explosion at another mine.

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