Ron Paul

Ron Paul insists he won’t run as an independent in 2012

Ron Paul has reiterated that he has no interest in running as an independent presidential candidate in 2012 if he doesn’t secure the GOP nomination. And he says that if someone else gets the nod, he wouldn’t necessarily support that candidate.

Speaking on Fox News, Paul said that it would not be right if he simply endorsed a candidate because he was from the Republican party. Instead, Paul said he would base his decision on whether or not that candidate stood for policies with which he (Paul) agrees.

Ron Paul won a straw poll in Illinois this week, adding to the sense that his campaign remains there or thereabouts in the Republican race despite generally receiving less media coverage than might be expected. Critics argue that he has no chance of winning the Republican nomination, but he has already proven his critics wrong in the past and seems to be gunning for another big result.


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