New Google doodle marks Marie Curie’s 144th birthday

Google has launched a new doodle, this time marking the 144th anniversary of the birth of the Polish-French scientist Marie Curie. The first person ever to win two Nobel prizes (for Physics and Chemistry), she is widely regarded as one o the greatest scientists the world has ever known.

One of Marie Curie’s most famous achievements was the coining of the word ‘radioactivity’, which she first identified. She also discovered two elements, polonium and radium, and she performed pioneering work with isotypes. Without Marie Curie, the world today would be a very different place.

Marie Curie died in 1934 at the age of 66, and her reputation (alreadly strong in her lifetime) has grown ever since. She was killed by the radiation she had done so much to examine, suffering from aplastic anemia. Even today, some of her notebooks and diaries remain too radioactive to be handled.


About Yin Tse

I am a second year architecture student studying in Berlin. I am originally from Beijing, China, where many of my family still reside, apart from my father, step-mother and step-sister, who reside in Cologne in Germany.


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