Police investigate apparent mix-up of Christopher Alder and Grace Kamara bodies

Police in the north of England are investigating an apparent mix-up between two bodies. The investigation comes after the body of Christopher Alder turned up in a mortuary in place of the body of a woman named Grace Kamara, eleven years after Alder was believed to have been buried.

Former soldier Christopher Alder died in police custody in 1998. Meanwhile, a woman named Grace Kamara died at around the same time. Kamara’s funeral was delayed until recently, but when her family asked to see the body, it turned out that the body that was supposed to be her was in fact Christopher Alder. It’s now believed to be possible that Grace Kamara was buried in Christopher Alder’s place.

It’s not clear exactly how such a mix-up could have occurred, but police are now investigating. It’s not clear whether there are any plans to dig up the body to check whether it really belongs to Grace Kamara.



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