2012 Presidential Campaign, Herman Cain

Herman Cain vows to fight on in US presidential race

Herman Cain has held a press conference at which he vowed to fight on in the US presidential campaign, despite recent allegations of past sexual harassment. Cain, who is considered one of the frontrunners in the Republican race, denies all the allegations and insists he is completely innocent.

Polls conducted in the past few days show Cain’s campaign taking a hit from the allegations, though he is far from a collapse. Nevertheless, his team will be aware of the need to ensure these allegations don’t distract from Cain’s real political message.

Cain is in a difficult position because he has to defend himself while not being seen as overly aggressive. Allegations of sexual misconduct are traditionally among the hardest for a candidate to fight off. All Cain can really do is consistently deny that he did anything wrong and hope that the media moves on from the story. But while details of some of the earlier allegations remain unknown to the public, the media’s insatiable appetite for gossip could spell disaster for the would-be President Cain.


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One thought on “Herman Cain vows to fight on in US presidential race

  1. Being put in a position like Cain’s is hard, what’s making it harder is that he is a public figure now and every little thing that he does is magnified. The accusations are affecting him in two ways. First is that the Republican’s support for him is getting stronger because they think that this is just a smear campaign to derail his candidacy. Second, this is greatly affecting his family and destroying his integrity, if he does not come out of this his entire career will be ruined. ( HermanCainsTaxPlan.com )

    Posted by Ed Thurston | November 11, 2011, 4:13 am

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