New York landlord Eulith ‘Sonny’ Reid allegedly kills tenant Hettie Patterson, self with machete

A New York landlord allegedly used a machete to kill a tenant before turning the weapon on himself. Eulith ‘Sonny’ Reid was found dead in his bedroom, with a gash to his neck. A little while earlier, tenant Hettie Patterson had been found dead in the yard.

It’s believed that Reid had allegedly been trying to get Patterson to move out of her apartment, but that she had not done so. Reid is said to have stopped taking rent from Patterson, despite money being offered, but she apparently had not found an affordable alternative apartment by the time she was killed.

Just before midday on Tuesday, another tenant ran out of the building, shouting that Hettie Patterson was dead in the yard. Reid was subsequently found to have barricaded himself in his bedroom, where his own body was found.


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