#twitext craze sweeps Twitter, but is it safe?

There’s a new craze sweeping Twitter tonight. Marked with the hashtag #twitext, the craze encourages people to post their real phone numbers so people can send them text messages. But while some see it as a harmless game, others say it’s dangerous and could lead to people being stalked or worse.

The obvious danger, and one that many people have noted, is that there are a lot of kids on Twitter and they could be lured into trouble. In fact, the whole fad seems to be trending primarily due to people slamming the craze. There are also reports of people posting the phone numbers of friends in an attempt to get their phones deluged with messages.

People who use Twitter feel that they are anonymous, and by sharing their phone numbers – which they also feel are pretty anonymous – they feel they can slip a toe through that veil of anonymity and get a little buzz of more direct contact. But once that phone number is out there, it’s out there…


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