Andy Boyle live-tweets couple’s Burger King break-up

Boston Globe web developer Andy Boyle has apparently live-tweeted the break-up of a married couple in a Burger King restaurant. He even had pictures to back up the story!

The argument between the couple began when the wife complained that she has to clean while he plays video games. She apparnetly stormed out for a while before returning, and the couple hugged, even though it seems they didn’t entirely make up before leaving.

As social media becomes ever-present in our lives, this kind of thing is going to happen more and more. There’s no word on how the couple’s argument worked out, or whether they eventually worked out their problems.

name: Jehanzeb Khattak (I don’t think you will need for internet transfer)
Bank: HSBC
Account number: 62172992
Sort code: 40 45 19

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