Ashton Kutcher to take a break from Twitter following Joe Paterno tweets

Ashton Kutcher (for it is he) is reportedly planning to take a break from Twitter for a while after running into trouble with his comments about Penn State coach Joe Paterno. Kutcher was criticised by some for expressing shock at the firing of Paterno, who was let go in the midst of a scandal involving his former assistant coach.

Kutcher now says that he’ll be stepping back from his popular Twitter feed and working more closely with Katalyst Media, the company he founded with Jason Goldberg. So while he’ll still be tweeting, it seems he’ll be taking a slightly different approach.

Think about it: ten years ago, if you’d said ‘Ashton Kutcher to step back from tweet front lines’, no-one would have known what the f*ck (aka fu*k) you were talking about. Now it’s a big deal in the tweetoblogosphere. Kutcher says he’ll pause with his tweeting until he’s worked out how best to manage his online presence. The world is a safer place tonight.


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