Chinese police shoot three AWOL soldiers, capture one alive

Three AWOL soldiers in China’s Liaoning province have been shot dead by police, and a fourth soldiers was captured. Details of the incident are scarse in China itself, but it’s believed that the soldiers were armed and that a number of police officers were injured when the soldiers were confronted.

The four soldiers are believed to have gone missing from their barracks in Jilin province on Wednesday morning, taking with them various weapons. They were then located in the city of Yingkou in neighbouring Liaoning province on Thursday, at which point a confrontation occurred between the soldiers and police officers.

The soldiers were allegedly named online as Lin Penghan, Yang Fan, Li Xinxin and Zhang Xiyan. China’s army has more than 2m members but morale is said by many observers to be low and there has recently been a push by authorities to discharge soldiers with poor records.



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