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Texas teen Ashley Billasano commits suicide after 144 tweets about abuse

An 18-year-old Texas girl has committed suicide after tweeting 144 times about the abuse to which she claims she was subjected. Ashley Billasano had updated her 500+ followers about how she found there wasn’t enough evidence to go after the man she claims abused her. Finally, she tweeted about her (ultimately successful) bid ot kill herself.

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Ashley Billasano claimed that she tried to report the molestation she suffered a year ago, but that there was no help forthcoming. She apparently tried to hurt herself once before. It’s not clear exactly how she tried to kill herself, but there are reports that she might have learned about the method from a website.

The case of Ashley Billasano has led many people to question why none of her followers did anything to stop her. But on Twitter, messages can sadly get lost, while there is also the problem of people falsely claiming to be planning suicide, purely to get attention. Just last week, a Twitter user claimed to have committed suicide, although it would appear that she ultimately did not.



3 thoughts on “Texas teen Ashley Billasano commits suicide after 144 tweets about abuse

  1. I was on another website, which I won’t name, and they were full of all this “Why didn’t some of her followers help her?”.

    First: what about the people in her ACTUAL life?

    Second: I’m sick of people grandstanding with sympathy just to prove that they’re a good person. Yes, it’s sad that this happened. Tragic. But by emphasising how appalled you are so strongly, you’re just trying to emphasise what an angel you yourself are. It’s an ego trip.

    This story has very little to do with Twitter. Ashley Billasano did not die because of a lack of response from her Twitter friends. She died because someone [mod] her.

    Posted by Henry Dark | November 10, 2011, 4:18 pm

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