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Argentina angry over Prince William’s Falklands posting

Argentinian officials say they can’t ignore the ‘political content’ of Britain’s decision to deploy Prince William to the Falklands in early 2012. The move comes ahead of the 30th anniversary of the Falklands War, in which Argentina was eventually defeated by the British in a fight over the territory.

The Royal Air Force insists that William’s deployment is part of the royal’s standard career development and that he won’t be undertaking any ceremonial activities while he’s stationed in the area. The deployment is part of William’s training as a helicopter pilot.

Britain has ruled the Falklands for 180 years but Argentina insists that the islands, which it calls Las Malvinas, belongs to its own government. In 2010 Britain announced it would search for oil in the region, adding to the urgency of Argentina’s push to have the British government reconsider.


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