Is Project Black Mirror the world’s first mind-controlled iPhone?

An experiment titled Project Black Mirror seems to have developed the world’s first mind-controlled iPhone. But don’t get too excited, because even if the video demonstrating the achievement is accurate, researchers warn that the practical applications of the method might be limited.

Josh Evans and Ollie Hayward rigged up an iPhone 4S to a system to which a human can also be connected via EEG pads. The phone can then be programmed to recognise certain patterns in the brain and act according to instructions it has been programmed to associate with those patterns. In one video, for example, the phone understand that it’s supposed to phone a certain person.

The problem with the system is that it has to learn each individual’s thought brain wave patterns, because every person is different. And there might be a limit to how many different commands the system can understand. But if these limitations are overcome, Project Black Mirror might turn out to be the start of a new era of smartphones.



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