Silvio Berlusconi hints at possible return to power

Silvio Berlusconi’s third period at the top of Italian politics ended less than 24 hours ago, but there are already signs that the 75-year-old is considering a comeback. Speaking shortly after his resignation, Berlusconi reportedly said he resume the path of government at some point.

To be fair, Berlusconi could have been referring to his party rather than himself, indicating that he hopes to see his political philosophy once again take charge of Italy. But some people are wondering if Berlusconi is considering a possible fourth bid for the Italian premiership.

Italy’s president Giorgio Napolitano, meanwhile, is working on negotiations to come up with a new government. In the old days, this might have been a matter for a democratic vote by the people of Italy. But in modern Europe, new leaders are imposed in times of crisis. Economist Mario Monti is widely tipped to take the top job.


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