Wired launches Creative Commons image push

Wired has launched an innovative approach to its online images. The majority of its staff-produced photos are to be released under a Creative Commons licence, which means that anyone can use them provided they attribute them properly.

Creative Commons has been a qualified success in recent years, enabling people to manage their digital rights. Some people maintain that the licensing system remains confusing, but I’d argue it’s like any licensing system: you have to bother to read it and understand it, and nothing worthwhile is ever going to be easy.

Wired’s move is for non-commercial use of selected images, with proper attribution and a link back to the source. So this philanthrophic gesture is possibly good business for Wired, because it loses nothing and gains a ton of links, which can’t be bad for their website’s SEO.

About Michael Burrows

Michael Burrows is a freelance TV journalist and writer, public relations manager, and MA Creative Writing student. He lives in Bristol and his hobbies include windsurfing, kayaking and microwaving bad food.


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