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Billy Corgan launches Resistance Pro wrestling league

Smashing Pumpkins and Zwan frontman Billy Corgan is launching a wrestling league. Resistance Pro launches in Chicago later this month, and Corgan is serving as creative director for the league as it prepares to try to lure fans away from rival wrestling brands.

Wrestlers such as Necro Butcher will be part of the league, which isn’t such an unusual move for Corgan. The singer has long been interested in the sport, and is a regular attendee at wrestling matches across the US. Nevertheless, taking the step up to become involved as a creative director is quite a big move.

Wrestling is hugely popular in the US, but any new league is going to need time to grow as it seeks to challenge the likes of the WWF and WCW. Corgan apparently won’t be at every match, because of his touring commitments, but he’s committed to the project and should, at the very least, guarantee some interesting moments.



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