Salam World aims to be the Islamic Facebook

A group of Russian and Turkish investors are putting tens of millions of dollars into the development of a site that aims to be a kind of Islamic version of Facebook. Salam World. The exact nature of the concept has not yet been revealed, but the site is set to launch in the next few weeks.

As Facebook’s relentless domination of social media continues, the idea of launching an alternative is appealing to many. And while there’s nothing notably un-Islamic about Facebook, Salam World’s promise of a social network specifically geared towards Muslims seems set to attract a considerable number of users.

A particularly interesting part of Salam World is the plan to launch some form of e-payment system. Again, it’s not entirely clear how this is going to work, but there are reports that a deal is being sought with a prominent Indonesian bank. How that will pan out is unclear, but Salam World is at the very least an interesting concept, and one that could make an impact.


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