25 arrested as police clear Occupy Wall Street’s Zucotti Park overnight

Police moved in to clear the Occupy Wall Street camp out of Zucotti Park on Monday night. Technically the move was designed to allow cleaners to get in, but authorities are saying that while protesters can return shortly, they will no longer be allowed to have tents onsite. Around 25 people were arrested during the operation.

There were approximately 200 people in the park when riot police moved in. Various writers, including Josh Harkinson from Mother Jones, were tweeting about what happened. But while the decision to clear the park might seem like a setback for the Occupy movement, some see it as convenient, forcing the city to show its lack of tolerance at a time when there were reportedly plans to declare victory and pack up the camp as the freezing winter weather sets in.

Whatever happens, the Occupy movement has gained enough momentum that this decision to clear the site is unlikely to derail the protests. In fact, it’s likely to galvanise protesters’ efforts. The latest developments can be seen on the Occupy Wall Street livestream, which at the moment mainly shows a few people trying to argue with impassive, unresponsive officers.


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