Occupy Wall Street moves to Foley Square after NYPD clear Zucotti Park

Large numbers of Occupy Wall Street protesters have decamped to Foley Square, following the clearing of Zucotti Park. Here’s an image of the Foley Square encampment getting set up. There are already reports that a large number of NYPD officers have shown up at the new site.

On Monday evening, the NYPD moved in to clear Zucotti Park, ostensibly so it could be cleaned. There have since been conflicting reports that protesters will only be allowed back without tents, in which case New York authorities appear to have finally lost patience with the protesters.

It’s unclear how long the protesters expect to remain in Foley Square. Unconfirmed reports suggest that police initially seemed to be about to move in to clear them out, before suddenly dispersing, and then returning. The square includes Tom Paine Park, named after the 18th century English radical credited with helping push America into declaring its independence from Britain.


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