Salman Rushdie claims Facebook name victory

Salman Rushdie is claiming victory in a tussle over his name on Facebook. The novelist, whose full name is Ahmed Salman Rushdie, claims he was being pressured to use his first name, Ahmed, on the site, but that he eventually persuaded Facebook to accept his middle name as the one by which he is best known.

Writing on Twitter, Rushdie claims that the whole matter is settled now. He also took the opportunity to come up with a long list of famous people who are best known by their middle name, including James ‘Paul’ McCartney.

The problem apparently occurred after Rushdie’s account was temporarily disabled because of concerns that it wasn’t really him. He had to send ID to prove his identity, but in the process Facebook is said to have reactivated the account under the full name on that ID, and apparently he was unable to change it back.



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