More deaths, but is the Syrian army turning on President Assad?

Dozens of Syrian military members were killed on Tuesday after defectors turned on them. The killings are a significant development, suggesting that President Bashar Assad’s control of the military is starting to loosen, and his ability to maintain control in the country could be on the wane.

As many as 90 people have been killed over the past couple of days, with the most bloody scenes coming in the southern province of Daraa. This is not the first time that defectors have turned against the military, but it is the first time they have done so with such vigour.

The violence came as there were signs that President Assad’s regime was entering its final days. International support from the likes of Turkey has fallen away and many international observers believe that it’s now not a question of ‘if’, but ‘when’, the Assad regime falls.


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One thought on “More deaths, but is the Syrian army turning on President Assad?

  1. The reality is Syria is without Oil and a Shipping Lane, it is safe. The USA rarely attacks strongly a country without oil or shipping lanes or some vital resource. Assad knows this and is playing chess well, and the Arab league don’t have the courage to reject Syria without military aid from the west.

    Posted by ch4wordpress | November 17, 2011, 4:13 am

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