Is pizza a vegetable? According to the US Congress…

The US Congress has made some strange decisions over the years, but the latest is particularly odd. As part of a battle over healthy food on school menus, Congress is pushing to have pizza’s tomato paste counted as a vegetable, despite moves by the Agriculture Department to make school menus healthier.

The Agriculture Department wants, among other things, to de-list pizza paste as a vegetable, and to restrict the amount of unhealthy food that is served up to children across America. Politicians, some of them under pressure from the food industry, are against this move. Welcome to America.

On a serious note, if a pizza isn’t too greasy and has lots of vegetables as toppings, it could probably count as a portion of fruit and veg. But tomato paste? Again, it probably depends on what’s in the tomato paste. Perhaps if the food manufacturers commit to making fresh tomato paste daily, the idea could fly…

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One thought on “Is pizza a vegetable? According to the US Congress…

  1. Is Water Hydrating? Is Water Not Healthy?

    Not according to European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso who passed a law across the EU stating that Water is not Hydrating.

    Posted by dringtin | November 18, 2011, 6:49 pm

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