Abdullah al-Senussi captured in Libya

Hours after it was reported that he had been surrounded at his sister’s house in the southern desert town of Al-Biraq, Muammar Gaddafi’s former spy chief Abdullah al-Senussi has been captured. He was the last remaining senior member of Gaddafi’s government being sought by the new Libyan government.

Following the capture of Saif al-Islam the other day, it was considered only a matter of time before al-Senussi was also caught. The pair are believed to have been together since the fall of Gaddafi, and following Saif al-Islam’s capture it’s believed that al-Senussi fled to hide out with his sister, a plan that has now been shown to have failed.

As with Saif al-Islam, it’s likely that the new Libyan government will exercise its right to put al-Senussi on trial in Libya rather than shipping him off to the Hague. While the international community might not be entirely pleased by such a move, there will likely be a sense of relief at the fact that, unlike Muammar Gaddafi, these prisoners have at least been captured alive.



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